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Spatial Data Analysis/ Modeling


When the problem becomes more complicated to be solved by a single tool, some remaining issues are still alive. This is a reason why we need an integrated solution as GIS&MIS to clearly remove the problem. The hot issue now relates to how to sustain natural things to be survived. This would be a big concerns for earth and need to be figured out.


We are here with opensource spatial software combined with spatial statistical tool. It is benefit more when was implemented and applied by our experts team who own full of knowledges and experinces to cope with those complicated issues. 

Mobile Applications 


Currently mobile becomes a part of life either wherever you go or whenever you are. Mobile Application is a major gateway of information. Most of people explore information through this device. We are one of a key player who seriously build team for research and development. IOS and Android are both systems we interest. Some application were deployed doe example pipeline mainatenance system, household data acquisition system, and tourist destination sites evaluation system.


All applications were purchased by government offices where we are proudly present and implement for large users.

Sensors Data Monitoring


On-site data can be extracted by defined sensors in general. However, way of system optimization seems to be priority when wider area need to be monitored. We suggest an industrial grade system to be implemented in the field. That should be save for money in long term. With unexpected problem, your data is still safe.


In parallel, the data center would be considered as a brain center for calculation and distributed report to related offices. This infrastructure should be taken care by system engineer who knows operating system and database management too. 

Consulting / Training


We are resgister consulting company as A-grade for IT and tourism sectors. This guarantees our quality and standard of services with high reliability. There are more than 100 projects whcih were delivered by our team since 2004. Our customers include Thai and Japanease companies.


Aiming to become country consulting firm who expert in Spatial Data Analysis, Modeling, and Monitoring, we intend to deliver product with high standard along with advanced knowledge.  

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