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Machine Learning 

Machine learning for spatial applications involves using algorithms and statistical models to analyze, model, and predict spatial data. These applications are crucial in fields such as geography, urban planning, environmental monitoring, and more.


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Preventive Maintenance : RAIL

To develop a preventive maintenance model for rail tracks using the data you mentioned (rail gauge, cross level, longitudinal level, versine for alignment, and twist), you need to treat these measurements as independent variables (features) and develop a target variable (dependent variable) that indicates the maintenance status. The target variable could be a binary indicator (e.g., 0 for no maintenance needed, 1 for maintenance needed) or a continuous variable representing the degradation level.



Anomaly Detection Algorithms: Use models like Isolation Forest or DBSCAN to detect outliers in the time-series data. An anomaly refers to a data point or pattern that significantly deviates from the expected behavior or norm. Anomalies can indicate rare or unusual events, which may or may not be indicative of problems.


Rail Application

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