In year 2015, we are very proud to be awarded with a project of carrying capacity study at Koh Lan, Thailand. This results in more concerns on environment issues which has been effected by tourist activities. 

Carrying Capacity Study Project (Tourism) : DASTA, Thailand (2015)

To sustain an island enviroment, the project is initiated and aims to deliver the solution for Kho Lan Island where is a popular island near Pattaya, Thailand. Currently, more visitors come to this island via boat and of course some of them stay for few days here. According to hotels availability, it becomes difficult when more visitors. Whenever demand is high, then the supply become problem. This is just only one example from hotel. There are many more effected things for example restaurant, drinking water, parking space, garbages management, and so on.


At last, recomendation will be reported including spatial and non-spatial management plan. 

Land Parcel Management : DOL, Thailand (2014)

Project aims to develop web application solution including data input, edit, retrieval, and report in one windows. Of course, main data is a parcel map which has more than a million map sheet. Team has to develop a system to carry on all original aerial photograph, parcel map for country. You can imagine how big of infrastructure and backbone to facilitate this task. 


We integrated all commercial and opensource solution together with precise optimization on system. This project makes us a bit stronger from huge data hadling. Thank for team.

Water Quality Sensor :
ROE8, Thailand (2014)

With need to monitor water quality of Petchaburi river and its stream network, there are 5 stations to be installed and implemented through centralized data server. Specific parameters for example DO,pH, NH3, NO3, Conductivity, and Temperature are monitored and reported through website. This project results not only a system, but also document written as scenario for next 5, 10, 20, 40 years based on MIKE-11 approach.  

Statistical Map Datacenter : NSO, Thailand (2015) 

The solution is set to assist the NSO field operators to work accurately and quickly. This comes with an designed map datacenter for task management and monitoring. Opensource, QIS, and android based application were developed and implemented as prototype. EA boundary and household information were surveyed and made through a designed system. Another hoosehold database is also linked to this mapdata server in order to generate EA code and related information automatically. This project now is on process of implementation for whole country. 

Live from Pattaya/ Koh Chang, Thailand, click here
Human Counting System, (2016)

We design a new layout by the metal plate with Intel NUC and watchdog circuit. The local processing unit consists of the following hardware: Intel NUC with Intel Core i5­5250U 1.6GHz (2 cores 4 threads)​, Watchdog System, Surge protection, and UPS. 

This shows in positive result of measurement. The regression model is developed and reported in 0.95 which satisfy our objective of human counting. The statistical data of testing can be seen here as follows


lm(formula = sw ~ mapper)



   Min     1Q Median     3Q    Max

-43.75 -21.51  -9.09  10.80  74.47



             Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)   

(Intercept) -22.89987   28.97656   -0.79    0.459   

mapper        1.07782    0.09187   11.73 2.31e-05 ***


Signif. codes:  0 '***' 0.001 '**' 0.01 '*' 0.05 '.' 0.1 ' ' 1


Residual standard error: 40.14 on 6 degrees of freedom

Multiple R-squared:  0.9582,       Adjusted R-squared:  0.9513

F-statistic: 137.6 on 1 and 6 DF,  p-value: 2.314e-05

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