“Year    of Drone Mapping, RTK-GNSS and    Laser Scanning"


Professional consulting team, who can work and share experience with you in all aspects of advanced technologies.


With more than ten years experiences as consulting firm, we are very proud to present a quality of work for our customers including public and private sectors. ​Many projects were implemented and successful delivered for example:

SRT, Thailand : 

"Recently proud on this project to map all details  surveyed data along 600 km of railroad. The objective is to develop mega topographic dataset for organisation in centric data handling.  

DOL, Thailand : 

"The parcel mapping solution was developed and implemented for country level. This is a key milestone for company to cope with a million of concurrent users."

DASTA, Thailand :

"Tourist destinations were studied and evaluated to maintain the concept of sustainability for supply sites, while the demand sites, as hotels, were also acquired for further balancing study."

NSO, Thailand :

"Spatial data management solution was developed and implemented for a province as prototype. This includes mobile application and web development"




Static GNSS Surveying

We are very talented and strong team, which is proved by many prizes received from national and international competitions for example Thailand ICT Award : R&D winner, 2009, Asia Pacific ICT Award : Runner up, 2009, Thailand ICT Award : R&D 2nd ranked, 2011.


"With our commitment to play and work hard with full of willingness and sacrifice, our team are ready to give the highest effort with the best solution" CEO talks


Even we are in Thailand, but we can serve for global scale through our networks. We are welcome to be a strategic partner when you feel alone in business at your place. Try our best to deliver high quality products to precious person like you.










Terrestrial Laser Scanning:

The REIGL-VZ400i is the latest instrument in our service. Technology itself is tremendous and fulfil for fast 3D data acquisition. Tons of million points cloud can be retrieved and finally delivered in 2D and 3D formats.


Drone Mapping, GNSS RTK:

Mapping with smallest GSD is needed in case of l1:500, 1:1000  of map scale. We  are providing high quality of 2.5cm of GSD through our service for topographic survey  and city modeling. CAD and GIS are both output to be delivered. 











Spatial Data Anaysis and Model:

With rapid growth of GIS integrated with MIS, the spatial data analysis is a key of successful when complicated problem need to be solved. We always customized a best fit solution for our customers.


Sensors Data Monitoring:

Water quality stations were installed and implemented at remote sites. The data communication running on GPRS mode is a bridge to join between on-site sensors and data center. There are 5 parameters to be monitored such as pH, DO, NH3, NO3 Temperature, Conductivity.


Mobile Application:

The customers experience unique mobile IOS & Android soultions for specific applications for example Tourist Destination Evaluation System (DASTA, 2014) and Water Pipeline Maintenace (MWA, Bangkok 2012).




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Reigl VZ400i Thailand

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