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With more than 15 years of experiences as consulting firm, we are very proud to present a quality of work for our customers including public and private sectors. Many projects were implemented and successful delivered for example:

SRT, Thailand : 
"Recently proud on this project to map all details  surveyed data along 800 km of railroad. The objective is to develop mega topographic dataset for organization in centric data handling.  

DOL, Thailand : 
"The parcel mapping solution was developed and implemented for country level. This is a key milestone for company to cope with a million of concurrent users."

DASTA, Thailand :
"Tourist destinations were studied and evaluated to maintain the concept of sustainability for supply sites, while the demand sites, as hotels, were also acquired for further balancing study."

NSO, Thailand :
"Spatial data management solution was developed and implemented for a province as prototype. This includes mobile application and web development.



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